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Do you know Fest’Oie in Sarlat?

Do you know Fest’Oie?

NO ?

So we must remedy this! Of course the name must have put you on the track: a goose party. Yes, but not only. Fest’Oie is a celebration like only the South West can produce … joyful, colorful, gourmet. Every first weekend in March, Sarlat celebrates the goose to the sound of bandas, on its streets and on plates of course.

It all starts on Saturday. On the program, visit livestock farms, cooking lessons, product tasting, games for the little ones. You will meet flocks of goose on the streets and may learn to manage them with their trainer. You prefer gastronomy, learn to cook goose and carcass soup. Do not forget to go through the tourist office. At 3 p.m. Saturday afternoon, a guided tour traces the history of the city and revives the markets of yesteryear. In the evening under marquees, Bodeg’Oie allows you to enjoy a good plate accompanied by a glass of Bergerac or a craft beer brewed in Périgord to music to the sound of bandas.

On Sundays, if you have been very proactive, you can participate in the MEAL. 15 dishes, all goose-based, await the 900 guests. It’s, how to say, huge, pantagruelic, out of proportion but it’s so good

I say foresight because the 900 places of the meal, offered for sale at the beginning of November, tear off in a few minutes. It’s a sign ! So plan ahead for the next edition!

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