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Pavlova with strawberries from Périgord

Pavlova with Périgord strawberries is one of the desserts we prepare for our table d’hôtes (an 3 courses home made meal), and also one of the most popular …

We’d like to share this sweet delicacy with you, which needs time to prepare, but is not really difficult. It can be made all year round, using fruit in season.

Ingredients (for 7 individual pavlovas)


120 g egg whites (about 4)

Sugar 100 g

Powdered sugar 100g

Lemon juice 1 tsp

Cornstarch 1 tablespoon

Chantilly cream

Full cream 400 g

Powdered sugar 60 g

Fruit 250 g

Cooking time 1 h 30

Preheat oven to 90°C
Mix powdered sugar and cornstarch.
Start beating egg whites until stiff. When they begin to foam, add the lemon juice.
Gradually add the sugar and continue to whisk until you obtain a “bird’s beak” texture.)
Gently fold in the powdered sugar and cornflour mixture with a spatula.
On a baking sheet lined with baking paper, poach 7 “nests” about 8 cm in diameter.
Bake for 45min at 90°C in a fan oven.
Close oven door to let steam escape. Close and bake again for 45 min.
Leave to cool in the closed oven for at least 1 hour.

Cool in the closed oven for at least 1 hour.
To prepare the whipped cream, place the bowl and whisks in the freezer for 10 min.
Add the cream and powdered sugar to the bowl and whip until light and fluffy.
Just before serving, fill meringues with whipped cream and sprinkle with strawberries of Perigord.
For an even more delicious dessert, you can add a drizzle of strawberry coulis prepared by blending a few strawberries with a little lemon juice.



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