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Our eco-responsible approach

You know the legend of the hummingbird which during a gigantic forest fire, while all the other animals are terrified, will seek a few drops in its beak to throw them on fire. Apostrophized by the other animals who tell him that it is useless, he replies “I’m doing my part”.

Well we too have decided to do our part to reduce the carbon footprint, energy consumption and waste generation of our guesthouse.

In all of our rooms and common areas, where possible, we have installed low-energy light bulbs that consume less energy.

Heating and air conditioning are provided by latest generation heat pumps managed by an automatic system which stops the device in the event of open doors or windows.

maison d'hotes avec piscine dordogne

Our pool has been fitted with an anthracite gray liner which promotes the heat of the water only through the sun.

In our rooms, instead of providing individual toiletries, we have chosen to install large-format soap and shower gel dispensers.

Since this year, we have decided to replace the plastic water bottles that we make available to guests with jugs to limit the plastic waste we generate.

When it comes to food, most of our fresh products come from a short circuit. We source seasonal fruits and vegetables at the Ferme de Vialard, an association of producers from Carsac, 10 kilometers from us. The foie gras and charcuterie come from producers in Sarlat. The homemade smoked trout comes from the Eaux de l’Inval fish farm. We make our own jams with fruits collected from the tree. The yogurts and pastries are homemade. We have thus reduced our carbon footprint and the production of waste.

For cleaning we use white vinegar, black soap, household alcohol.

We have chosen to dematerialize our means of communication as much as possible. Our hosts receive booking confirmations, welcome booklet, invoice by email so that they do not make unnecessary impressions.

In short, we are doing our part to pollute less, consume less, reduce our carbon footprint, produce less waste and we are sure that our guests will adhere to this approach 100% because if everyone does their part, perhaps we will avoid it disaster.

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