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Truffle market in Sarlat, Black is delicious!

In the Dordogne, when we talk about black diamonds, it’s by no means a jewellery term. Rather, it’s a reference to the black truffle, tuber melanosporum by its scientific name.

From November to March, this mushroom (yes, it’s a mushroom) is the talk of the Dordogne markets. It is harvested at this time of year, and if you happen to pass through a market devoted to it, you won’t forget its distinctive fragrance.

In Sarlat, the certified truffle market takes place on Saturday mornings. From 9am, when the bells of the town hall ring out, the market doors open, the sellers uncover their baskets and the buyers rush inside. Above all, an unmistakable fragrance wafts through the rue Fénelon. A strange ballet is played out, with shoppers scrutinising, feeling, smelling, choosing and finally paying in cash. Prices are displayed according to category, extra (there are very few), 1st and 2nd category and the variety of truffle (black truffle, brumella truffle, summer truffle). Truffles are expensive, but with less than ten grams per person, you can flavour scrambled eggs.

You can also make truffle butter. Very simple:


beurre truffé

  • Choose a good quality semi-salted butter.
  • Chop 10g of truffles for every 125g of butter.
  • Mix well with a fork.
  • Place the butter in a glass jar and leave to infuse in the fridge for 48 hours.
  • Serve on fresh bread toast.

Some gourmets, during the first stage of preparing the brouillade, place some risotto rice under the paper towel to prepare a delicately flavoured risotto. In fact, truffles like fat but not heat. Be careful not to cook them!
And if you’re a curious gourmet, you should know that every year in mid-January, a special truffle weekend is held in Sarlat. Demonstrations of cavage (truffle hunting), sales, tasting of truffle menus in restaurants… you’ll find out all about this jewel.
Back home, there’s one address we particularly like to recommend: Maison LAVAL. Sandy Laval concocts delicious chocolate bites flavoured with truffles! Yes, chocolate and truffles go very well together. Come and try it for a weekend!

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